How to celebrate publication?

Lots of my writing friends celebrate the publication of their books in some way, for example, a few of them buy a new charm for their bracelet – which they purchased to celebrate the publication of their first book. This is a lovely idea and I’d love to have something to celebrate the success of my first publication (when it happens), and to then remember each subsequent book.

Trouble is, I have no idea what!

I have a charm bracelet which I love, and don’t need another. I rarely drink and don’t particularly like to shop. I’d love the anticipation of a reward.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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  1. Hmmm…good question! I don’t usually celebrate milestones as I should, because I am usually already on to the next goal. And that’s not good so I’m trying to change that and take better note of achievements. Please be better at this than me!!! Hehehe!
    Well, you could blog about it 🙂
    Or buy yourself flowers
    Or plant a tree
    Or take yourself out on a date or an artist’s date (per Julia Cameron)
    Or get a tattoo
    Or have a spa day
    Or at least a pedicure
    Or anything that would be special to you, that says you are celebrating an achievement!
    I look forward to hearing what you actually did when that day comes for you!!!


    • I’ll definitely blog about it (I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops!). I like the idea of planting a tree – hopefully it will grow like my career. Great ideas, Deb. Thank you.

  2. I go out to dinner or high tea with a friend and drink a toast. You don’t really need anything you can keep to gather dust! However, when I sold my werewolf novel I ordered a wolf head brooch from Cindy Smith, a Sydney-based SF fan and jeweller- it was also my birthday and I was at Aussiecon 4. We went to the Windsor for our high tea.

    • A wolf head brooch is a great idea for a werewolf novel. And I like the idea of going out to dinner, although if it was mid-winter it might be a struggle (not a fan of the cold).

  3. Following. I’ll be publishing mine in June and figure to simply start the next. Now that’s exciting!

    • Oh, definitely start the next book, Jacqui. Good luck with the launch of your book =)

  4. Hmmm… Great idea if you like charm bracelets. If you’re of the tattoo persuasion, you could add a new tattoo for each new book. I’d probably buy myself a new pair of earrings.

    • Not a tattoo person, but instead of a tattoo maybe I could find another form of artwork…

  5. Since I’m an editor and not an author (blog posts and term papers seem to be my writing limits), I don’t have that same kind of reward thing. But I try to treat myself with something small each time I get paid for a larger job. The very first paycheck I got for editing a book, I bought myself some really nice Cutco knives. The next check, I got half a pig for the freezer. lol, not exactly “small” by most standards for that one, I guess, or even typical as rewards go. But my weakness is killer underwear. I know, that’s an odd one, but I’m a sucker for anything pretty AND comfy, and I have determined that life is too short for boring undies. How’s that for a reward? haha

    Tattoos are nice to commemorate special things, and you could also look into something that features your book cover, like a framed cover to hang, or earrings made with them. A few of “my” authors have become close friends, and each time they publish a new book, I make them a mini book (maybe 2″ x 1.5″) to hang on their Christmas tree. This year, I got my bestie an infinity scarf that had the first 30k words of her debut novel printed on it (from Litograph). She absolutely loved it.

    But seriously . . . go for the undies.

    • What wonderful gifts for your friends! Comfy undies are definitely worth the money, Lynda.

  6. I bought sculptures for my yard. Big dragons made of concrete and crushed marble. Jigger, the little guy, was for simultaneous publication of my first two books. Guinivere was for the next two. And Jasper for the last one.
    I’m a big fan of buying art because I love to surround myself with beauty. If that matters to you, you could get art of any kind, including a professionally framed copy of the cover of your book. My publisher did that for me and it’s incredibly meaningful.

    Or a t-shirt stating I Have an ISBN and then giving that number 🙂

    Or something symbolic from the book. For example, even with my blog, my logo of the sea turtle is significant to me so I have glass sea turtles, sea turtle necklaces, stone sea turtles etc.

    • I love the idea of art work – just not sure if the income from the writing would justify the cost of the art! But a t-shirt would be much more affordable. Nice idea, thanks, Karen.

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