Fun little mystery

My youngest Barbarian, Jeckle, learnt French at school last year. In the last week of school his teacher set them this fun task. They had to solve the puzzle and in doing so they learnt a little more about France.

Jeckle had a blast with this task and wanted me to have a go at solving. I thought I’d share the “fun”. I’m glad it kept him focussed for the lesson, but I have to say I found two of the answers a bit frustrating. Maybe you will solve it faster than me!

Once you’ve typed in what you think is the answer it will let you know if you are wrong by telling you the answer is still locked. There’s a hint below to get you started (and the answers further down).

Photo by Flo Dahm from Pexels

HINT: you click on the shield on the map to be taken to an image, then somewhere on the image is a clickable link which takes you to the information where you’ll find the answer…eventually.

Photo by Matt Hardy from Pexels

7 letter – TUFFEAU (Loire Valley)
4 letter – ARCH (Pont du Gard)
6 letter – MENHIR (Carnac)
date – 12/09/1940 (Lascaux)
8 letter – OMELETTE (Mont Saint-Michel)
4 digit – 1145 (Chartres)

2 comments on “Fun little mystery

  1. I like to hear about interesting assignments. Some teachers are really clever. (I don’t have time to try it now. Maybe later.)

    • This was clever. The kids had finished the assessment for the year and just needed work that would make them focus. This did the trick.

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