The place I call home

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Write about the place I call home.
I did think of talking about my house and street, which is the obvious answer, but as I thought about it, the words of a Peter Allen song came to mind:

But no matter how far or how wide I roam
I still call Australia home

I’ve lived in quite a few places in Australia, but most of them have been in the state of Queensland. My current home in Canberra (in the Australian Capital Territory) is the first place I’ve lived outside of my home state.

Queensland is the big yellow state on the map on the left. The ACT is highlighted in yellow (it is a very tiny territory). On the Queensland map (right) I’ve lived everywhere highlighted yellow, although I’ve been all over the state.

I’m not a city girl, I love the bush. I find a sense of calm when I’m in the bush – it really is my happy place. So I thought the best way to talk about the place I call home was through pictures.

The photos below are from a day we spent hiking in Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. We did the Barbarians’ favourite hike that day (note the koala in one of the trees)…

Below are a series of photos from a camping trip we did to Wee Jasper in New South Wales. We camped at Micalong Creek, but walked to where Racecourse Creek (a tributary) joined so we could float the (small) rapids.

Australia really is my home. What place do you call home?

This song is too good not to share.

11 comments on “The place I call home

  1. Yes, those are lovely shots. It’s nice to get away from civilization from time to time.

    I think I’d consider southern California my home. I’ve lived in a couple different cities here, and I just know this place, you know?

    • Totally, Liz. I lived in Queensland for decades, but I call Canberra home now. I think if you are happy there, it’s easy for it to be home.

  2. Giggling Fattie

    January 11, 2020 at 4:16 am

    Awesome pictures and such a thoughtful answer!

  3. You’ve got quite the challenge ahead of you, phew!

    Thank you for giving me a day trip to Down Under. I didn’t know the song.

    Friends of ours moved back to Queensland this summer (our summer, your winter.) They live in Noosa Heads I believe it’s called. We’re getting gorgeous beach pictures all the time. They try to make up for the fact that they’re missing us terribly ;-))

  4. Noosa Heads is lovely, but not my favourite location in that stretch (the Sunshine coast). It’s is one of those places I think is over-hyped…but it is definitely a popular place! Probably why it’s not my favourite. It is horrid to drive around these days because of the trafic. It is right on the beach so they would have ample opportunities for photos.

    I bet come winter they’ll miss the ice though 😉

  5. I loved seeing the pictures! Colorado will always be my home, even if I decide I want to live somewhere with warmer winters sometime in the future 🙂 I’m kind of over shoveling snow.

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