Resources for Writers

Following is a list of writing-related resources I’ve built up over time. I hope you find it as useful as I do. I’d love to add to my list, so if you have a favourite site please send me the link. Missing something? Let me know and I’ll find some related sites. Happy writing.


Guide to Grammar and Style

Common Homophones

Quotation Marks

Active and Passive Voice

Passive Voice

Active Voice

English Language Idiosyncrasies

Descriptive Words


Dialogue Punctuation

Dialogue Tags

Breathing Life into Dialogue


The Critical First Sentence



Understanding GMC

Internal versus External Conflict

Show not Tell

Show not Tell by Shirley Jump

Figurative Language Examples

Show not Tell


Breathing Life into Characters

Creating Memorable Characters

Dynamic Characters

Point of View

An Executive Editor’s Take on Head Hopping

Head Hopping – What It Is and How to Avoid It

Deep POV


How to Plot your Novel

The Snowflake Method

The Heroes Journey

Writing for Theater and Film

Authors/Groups with Resources

Paula Roe

Anne Gracie

Lisa Gardner

Rachel Simon

Richard Harland

Sylvie Kurtz

Charlotte Dillon

Melbourne Romance Writers Guild

More pages of writing resource links here and here