Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is where you’ll find answers to the most common questions I’m asked:

What is a cozy?

Click through to discover the ins and outs of a cozy mystery.

Why is it cozy and not cosy?

Because the genre “cozy mystery” originated in America (most cozy authors are American) the American spelling with z, instead of s, is used. I’m okay with the spelling now, but I struggled with it at first!

What’s with the hat on your name?

That’s a swag hat – traditionally worn by swagmen (transient labourers who carried their belongings in a swag/bedroll) in the outback. To stop flies and other insects swarming their faces they’d hang the lightweight corks around their hat. As they moved the corks moved and shooed away the flies.

Stone the crows, mate, I thought you spoke english Down Under?

Aussies are known for their use of slang – including reducing everything to as few syllables as possible (no-one goes to McDonalds in Australia, we go to Maccas). So it should be no surprise slang pops up in my books. Click through for a brief overview of some of the more common terms.

Is that really what Australia is like?

Of course! But to find out more visit the official Australian tourism site and experience it for yourself with their 360′ videos (including one of Canberra, my home city and the nation’s capital).

Are you available to speak to my writing group?

In 2019 I am running two online workshops through Romance Writers of Australia’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) program.

The workshop (in June), “Pitch like a professional: a conference primer” takes you through the steps of writing a synopsis, query letter and pitch and offers a one-on-one opportunity to practice your pitch with feedback. A fantastic conference primer for core pitching/submission skills.

The August workshop, “Craft 101: Back to Basics” provides a broad overview of the key craft elements of fiction writing and will cover a number of common craft terms and concepts—point-of-view, voice, GMC, hooks, pantsing—so  you can figure out where your knowledge gaps are and make a plan to fill them before you start sharing your work with editors/agents or even contest judges.

For more information and to register for this course visit Romance Writers of Australia’s OWL page.

For any other opportunities, or to request my attendance at an event, please contact me through my website.