A to Z Challenge: M (serial killers)

Myra Hindley — Moors Murderer

Fast Facts:

  • Born in 1942, died in 2002 in England
  • She raped and murdered 5 small children, claiming she was under the control of her partner
  • Her 17-year-old brother-in-law witnessed a killing and went to police
  • Charged with 5 murders
  • Found guilty of 2 murders and jailed for life

Hindley was raised by her grandmother. After a close male friend drowned when she was 15 she left school and converted to Roman Catholicism. She then met and fell in love with Ian Brady, a stock clerk who had served time in prison. She gave herself to his complete control.

To test the allegiance of Hindley, Brady schemed rape and murder. Over a 12-month period, 5 children were killed.

Hindley’s 17-year-old brother in law witnessed Brady killing another 17-year-old. He hid his shock so he didn’t meet the same fate. He then went to the police telling them he’d been told there were more bodies in Saddleworth Moor.

Hindley pleaded not guilty but was charged with the murder of 2 victims and for harbouring Brady knowing he’d killed another victim. In her commission she admitted her involvement in all 5 murders.

15 comments on “A to Z Challenge: M (serial killers)

  1. Another woman this time. And she’s a real doozy. Yikes!


  2. A scary couple! I’m not sure I would want to see the insides of their heads! David and Catherine Birnie are our Moors murderers, eh? Only they were turned in by a victim who survived!

    M is for Elyne Mitchell, Sophie Masson and Geoffrey McSkimming


    • I hadn’t thought about the Birnie’s that way, Sue, but yes, they would be. From memory, I think they may have also had the same number of victims.

  3. So much for any theory of innate maternal instincts. How sad to be under another’s complete control, with no values, beliefs, or personality of one’s own.

    • There’s a lot of speculation she was actually the one in control. Either way, nasty business.

  4. Myra Hindley is one that I’ll never forget. It’s sad to think that not all of the bodies of the victims were found, even though Brady knew where they were.

    Misery Business by Paramore

    • I agree, Lauren. Those poor families who never got closure or a burial for their loved ones.

  5. Hindley was a manipulator. There was so much debate before the 80’s between people who believed Myra when she said she was misunderstood and hadn’t been involved and those who thought she was just as guilty as him. It wasn’t until the 80’s when she was trying for parole that Brady started to suggest he would help find other bodies and forced her to admit her closer involvement that some of the truth came out.
    Sophie’s A to Z – Ghostly Inspirations

    • I wonder if the people who believed Myra would have believed the story if it had come from Brady (ie from a male serial killer)?

  6. How messed up do you have to be to let someone else control you? Especially for evil! Very sad story.

  7. For some reason I find female killers even more despicable


    • I wonder if it’s because there aren’t as many, so less expected, or if it’s because we think women should be more empathetic and caring?

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