A to Z Challenge: X (serial killers)

Yang Xinhai — Monster Killer

Fast Facts:

  • Born in 1968, died in 2004 in China
  • He murdered over 60 people because he believed killing was nothing special
  • He was caught after DNA connected him to the murders
  • He was charged with 67 murders and 23 rapes
  • He was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to death

Born into the poorest family in the village, Xinhai was the youngest of four children. A smart but introverted child he dropped out of school in his teens and worked as a labourer while travelling around the country. He eventually turned to robbery and then to rape, receiving a 5 year prison sentence.

After he was released from prison he met his girlfriend, however she eventually broke up with him and he began killing in revenge. He murdered over 60 people in three years by bludgeoning them to death. He was eventually caught through DNA matching to traces left at the crimes. He confessed to 67 murders and 23 rapes and was sentenced to death.

12 comments on “A to Z Challenge: X (serial killers)

  1. Non many Asian serial killers. Interesting article.

    • It’s very hard to find information about Chinese serial killers. There is very little published about them or in the media – even if they are at the pointy end of nasty.

  2. You’re one of the fortunate few who didn’t have trouble with ‘X’, AJ.

    • I was fortunate with the challenge in that (sadly for the world) there are enough serial killers to easily fill an alphabet!

  3. The only “good” thing about him is the X in his name, so he saved your A-Z challenge 😉
    I killed because it’s nothing special? Ouch 🙁

    Happy Friday, either way!

  4. 3 years is such a short time to kill so many people. Well done for finding something for X though!

    X – 3am by Busted

    • I think the number of kills in such a short time shows how little he cared for life. And yes, made my A-Z complete.

  5. Bludgeoning…wow. I feel like he must have had a lot of rage. Either that, or no emotion at all. Chilling, that.

  6. You have to wonder how anyone can take revenge that many times!
    https://tashasthinkings.blogspot.com/ – Tasha’s Thinkings – Movie Monsters

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