A Tribute in Covid (with sheep)

Like everywhere else on the planet, Australia has been hit by the Delta strain of Covid. Here we lockdown pretty much straight away (where I live locked down within hours of our first single case) which means we can’t cross state borders. When family things happen, you know, hatches, matches and dispatches, we can’t get there.

One affected farmer in New South Wales was upset he couldn’t get to the funeral of his aunt after she lost her battle with cancer. Sheep farmer Ben decided to come up with his own way to honour her life and using his ingenuity, a drone and a whole lot of hay, he filmed the clip below and sent it to be shown at her funeral.

I’m not sure if it has sound, but it was set to Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge over troubled water”. While it is a moving tribute to his aunty, the actual precision of the shape and the fact the sheep did as expected is wonderful (although it did take a few goes, apparently the first attempt looked more like the poo emoji).

Have you seen any clever gestures before?

10 comments on “A Tribute in Covid (with sheep)

  1. That is amazing. Humans are abundantly clever.

  2. Oooo this was on the news here a few weeks ago!! So awesome!

  3. Oh my! How was this accomplished? Did the farmer put down a special treat food in the heart shape?


  4. What a lovely way to honor her.

  5. It’s nice, but I don’t want a tribute to COVID. I want it to be a bad memory, one that is better forgotten.

    I am sorry for all of those who could not get closure and those that died alone. I, regretfully, have seen the inside of an emergency room of late; too much compassion has been used up and the tired look in the eyes of the PAs and doctors says way too much.

    I cannot understand the selfish child responses of those that refuse to be vaccinated. It is not human in its tenor and almost will not allow us to put this behind us.

    Enough rant for today.

    • I don’t understand it either. What’s so hard about getting a vaccination? Especially when you compare it to what happens if you don’t.

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