Brisbane Weather for RWA Conference

August in Brisbane. More to the point, Ekka week in Brisbane. To all Brisbanites that week usually signifies the turning point of the winter months. It is supposed to start warming up then. To give you a bit of an idea what to expect following are some averages for August.

  • max = 21.7’C
  • min = 10’C
  • rain days >1mm = 4.6
  • clear days = 17
  • @ 9am = 15’C
  • @ 3pm = 20.6’C

VERY windy westerlies (August = dry and windy)

Just remember, weather is relative. For me, living in Canberra, this is quite toasty. But if you are making the trek down from up north, you might think it chilly.

I can’t wait for the warm weather. What about you?