Canberra: #3 destination in the world 2018

According to Lonely Planet, the third “best in travel” city for 2018 is my home town of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.The Canberra region is the traditional home of the Ngunnawal people. The first European settler (in the 1830s) in the district was Joshua John Moore who established a stock station called ‘Canberry’, thought to be derived from an Aboriginal name for the area ‘Kamberra’ or ‘Kambery’ – meaning ‘meeting place’. Officially declared on 12 March 1913, Canberra is a designed city (by Walter Burley Griffin in 1912), purpose built as the capital of Australia.

Situated about 150km inland, Canberra now has a population of around 400,000 people and is known as the Bush Capital.

The Hub, Barbarians and I love living in Canberra (although as a transplanted Queenslander, I still struggle with the cold of winter).

In honour of the Lonely Planet ranking I thought I would share with you a weekly series of 50 things Canberra has to offer.