Canberra’s covid Christmas tree

I’m not sure how covid vaccination stats are reported elsewhere in the world, but in Australia we have a stacked bar graph that shows first and second vaccination numbers for each age group and by sex, and for different states/territories. Back in November (when we were at 95%+ double vaccinated 12 years and over), the ACT graph took on a decidedly Christmas theme.

The ACT covid Christmas tree made me smile.

I love that Aussies haven’t lost their sense of humour in all that covid has thrown at us over the last two years. Similarly our ACT Health Department try and keep things fun (see graphic below).

What have you seen to make you smile recently?

6 comments on “Canberra’s covid Christmas tree

  1. Americans always appreciate a sense of humor. Huzzah to you-all!

  2. Awwww hehe that’s so cute!!

  3. Ah, to live in a place where people want to get vaxxed… You are lucky indeed. Enjoy.

  4. Your COVID is a different beast than ours. Ours is a conspiracy monger of a political beast. It , and those who seem to court it by not vaccinating, don’t like you to laugh at them. I know of nothing else to do, but laugh, so maybe, when I grow up, I might become an Australian.

    You way of looking at it seems more sensible, though that is easy when we have our governor, Ron DeSantis.

  5. Love the Christmas tree, and I’m floored by the 95%. Good for you, Ken Behrens! We have too many Auntie Vaxxers.

  6. It’s about fighting worldwide this virus, I’m happy to be in a country where we are mainly vaccined too (France). Fun Grinch graphic!

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