Comics of my life

We get the local paper delivered every day. I prefer reading my news in the paper (I don’t watch it on TV ever and rarely read it online).

The paper is out on the driveway when we get up in the morning. Our dog, Biggles, loves to come out with us for a quick sniff when we collect it. I make the Barbarians’ school lunches with the paper open on the bench beside me.

These days the news is awful to read about, so I consider the comics at the end of the paper my “reward” for getting through the nasty. Finish with a smile.

There have been quite a few that relate to our family. These get cut out and stuck on the fridge. They are all stuck there to poke fun at each of us with love. And as you scroll through them you get an idea of our family life.

Examples of some of the comics stuck on our fridge (note I chose ones poking fun at the Barbarians, and not me *grin*)

Do you read the comics in the newspaper (actually, do you still read a newspaper)? And does your family do anything like this?

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  1. I don’t get the paper lol I hardly ever pay attention to the news at all. I know I should be more invested in it but I don’t have a tv so i don’t watch the news and trying to find it online in my free time never happens lol but those comics are great!!

  2. I don’t get a newspaper anymore, but whenever I am somewhere and there is one laying around, I love to read the comics. Yes, so many of them have resonated with me over the years. Zits was a favourite when I had teens at home. Thanks, AJ!


    • The comics are the best bit of the paper. I don’t think I could read the news without the fun at the end.

  3. Most newspapers in the US are shadows of their former selves, worthwhile only for the sports, comics, and TV listings, so I don’t waste my time with the printed newspaper anymore. Besides, then I have to have the paper recycled… I do all my news and comics reading online. One of my favorite blogs is The Comics Curmudgeon ( Josh reads the comics every morning and posts his snarky thoughts on them. Of particular interest to him are the old “serial” comics like Mary Worth and Mark Trail that have long story lines (that’s apparently why he started the blog). Sometimes the comments are hilarious, too.

  4. I used to love the comics. Back when I was in high school, I’d cut out my favorites and tape them to my book covers. (Back then we had to take our books back and forth.) Then after the year, I’d cut those preserved comics out and use them as bookmarks. They’re probably lying around here still someplace…

    • Kids here still take their books back and forth. I did the same thing with my books, but I would just put one comic strip on each so I could easily tell which book was which (I’d cover the books with brown paper first).

  5. I love the comics too, but I get my newspaper as a digital copy, after having a lot of trouble disposing of the print editions – which were wrapped in plastic! So I only read them occasionally at a cafe. I do agree with your choice of comics!

    • I would never read the news if it was digital. The paper stays spread out on the kitchen bench and as I prep lunches or dinner I read it. Makes meal prep less boring too!

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