Dead phone

Recently my mobile died (cell phone for US readers). One moment it was working, the next it froze and when I went to restart…nada. I tried everything Dr Google could suggest to try and get it to work.

After trying everything I could I reset to factory settings knowing if that fixed it I would have lost about a week’s worth of photos, some contacts and various other things I wouldn’t realise until I needed them. And…still dead.


I began to hunt for a replacement mobile. Lots of research and stalked second hand stores. Eventually I found something that wasn’t quite what I wanted but I knew would be good enough (the $$ savings meant it would do).

I ordered online and had a week to wait, on top of the week I already had been without my phone. It’s amazing how reliant we have become on our mobiles. The Hub was overseas with work, so I had to borrow an old phone from a friend so the Barbarian’s school could contact me if necessary. But there are no (or very, very few) pay phones around anymore, so I did feel a bit helpless for those days with no way of communicating when out of the house.

Of course, a few days after getting my new phone, I took the old one to recycle. Just before getting rid of it I thought one more go and…yup, Murphy was lurking in my house, because this time the phone restarted to factory settings. Whaaaaat?

I’m still using my new phone – can’t trust the old one not to turn up its toes again – but I am frustrated. At least we now have a spare mobile in the house for any future mobile mishaps.

Have you been caught out by a dead phone?

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  1. And now you’ll make sure your phone automatically backs up, right? So, next time you won’t lose any data. (I once lost a bunch of photos in a toddler incident–never give a toddler your phone–and now my pictures back up to the cloud and my computer daily.)

    • The contacts were the biggest loss. I thought they were saving to the SIM card but turns out not all were so I’ve made that the default save location. Since I bought a camera I don’t tend to use my phone for photos I’d terribly miss.

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