End of Winter

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Wattle in full bloom

For those of us Down Under the end of winter is here (well, it will be in two days). My favourite season is about to begin. I struggle to sit at my desk in spring – I want to be out in the warming weather, longer days, flowering plants, singing birds…you get the idea.

I’ve talked recently about recharging myself. Spring is a physical recharge for me; I want to (and do) sing and dance. It’s really, truly hard not to be happy in spring.

8 comments on “End of Winter

  1. Your winter seemed to vanish so much faster than ours does in Canada. I don’t think that’s the reality – it just seems that way when I’m hearing about it as opposed to immersed in it.
    If you need to recharge and early spring days do that for you, I hope you’ll step away from that desk, AJ.

    • I’m sure ours does finish earlier than yours – although we are still not seeing a glimpse of the heat yet. Further north they are – where I used to live the cold was pretty much over by the end of August. For us down here it lasts a wee bit longer yet!

  2. I do agree. Fall is similar because the weather up here is a bit cooler then. We’re already into the 80’s rather than 90’s which is a blessing. Spring though has all those flowers blooming and new life. Enjoy!

  3. Spring is such a lovely season. Wishing you the best.

  4. I have a spring birthday. Next week, in fact. I hope Monday is fine! I usually play Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to celebrate the start of spring.

    You might consider getting a tablet computer, AJ. You can get on with your work outside, if it involves typing.

    • Happy Birthday for Monday, Sue. I love Vivaldi’s Four Seasons so I can understand your choice. I’ve tried taking tablets and laptops outside but the sun makes it really tricky to see the screen. Sometimes I switch to paper and pen so I can enjoy the nice weather (although I think I’ve got some time before I have ot worry about it *sigh*).

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