End of year crash

As you’ve probably gathered, life has continued its chaos (in fact, I think it has worsened) over the last few weeks. I’m behind in posting, responding to comments, reading other blogs, reading, writing, folding, mopping (actually, I try to keep my eyes closed walking around the house).

I’m finding I’m low in energy. It’s so much harder to push through and keep the momentum going. I think I’m ready for the year to end! I always find that Christmas is that wonderful time of year where for a few days everything stops (and I’ll have a chance to catch up).

This year I think I need it more than ever before. The tank really is on empty. Usually by now I’m starting to get down to the pointy end of my to do list, while this year I don’t seem to be able to find the end.

Do you find the same thing at Christmas time? Or is it more an Aussie thing because Christmas is also the summer holidays?

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  1. I feel you, AJ. I’m the same this year. I feel like I’m not keeping up. But given the year I’ve had and the fact I’m running on empty, I’m giving myself a break and letting it go. I will pick up the pieces inthe New Year. So give yourself a break too and just know you’ll start afresh and better able to deal for in the new year.

  2. My draining comes in July/August but that’s when our summer holidays are. Our bodies and brains are probably conditioned to react that way to specific times of the year. I hope you find some rest and relaxation soon!

    • Thanks, GF. I am about to go on 2 weeks holidays (as you’ll see when I post about it soon) and I’m hoping that does the trick.

  3. I think in the northern hemisphere we get run down because the days are getting shorter (and colder). I had no idea you had the same issue. Perhaps it’s just an ending thing. With a year ending, mentally we’re closing things out? Ah well. I hope you get caught up soon. And get some rest. The blogosphere will be here when you’re feeling better.

    • I think the end of the year is a big *ending* and there’s added pressure (only from myself) to have everything finished as well.

  4. I haven’t been to work this year, except as a volunteer in a primary school and a Writer In Residence. But for me, there has always been so much to do in my library before the year is over while everyone else is winding down, and I STILL had to supervise kids right till the end, that I fell into the summer holidays with a cry of delight! I totally get where you are coming from. Have a great festive season, get the Barbarians to help with Christmas lunch(come on, they’re old enough!) and refill your tank in January.

    • I hope you’ve had a wonderful festive season and break from the kids. The Barbarians were wonderful and we’re heading off on holidays so hopefully that will be the refill I need. (PS coming to Melbourne definitely this year – looking forward to catching up)

  5. Keep those eyes closed and enjoy your break. 2019 – onward and upward!!

  6. My day job is as a worship leader in a large (700+) church, so Christmas planning begins in August, and December is beyond busy. I try to wrap up all editing jobs by the end of November so I can concentrate on cookies, Christmas Eve prep for work, and family. A lot of things have fallen by the wayside—housework is the first to leave the list, and thankfully the kids (18, 23, 25) don’t care if we decorate much, and I’ve given up on sending cards, so there’s a little less pressure. These lessons have come slowly over the years, after big burnout, less burnout, and tolerable-but-stressful times.

    It’s hard (especially as a mom) to allow ourselves to just rest when we need to, but even if you need to take a long shower or a nap, or just read a book while chaos swirls around you for 20 minutes, try your best to do it. Everything will still be there.

    I hope you get the shutdown time you need!

    • Thanks, Lynda. I can only imagine how busy December must be for you. I hope you survived and were able to find some time to rest yourself.

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