Eurovision: Australia decided

I’ve posted about Eurovision before (here and here) and no doubt will again come May when the contest airs from Tel Aviv, but I’m posting now because this year Australia has let their viewing public have a say in the act that represents us at Eurovision (and yes, we know we aren’t in Europe, but Aussies have had a 30+ year obsession with Eurovision that saw us accepted into the fold).

Previously, SBS (the tv channel that airs Eurovision) and record labels have determined who represented us and what they sang. This year, we got to decide. 50% of the vote was from a judging panel and 50% from public vote.

Over 700 songwriters submitted entries, and 10 song were paired with 10 acts (a few were songwriters and singers) and they performed their acts last Saturday.

Below are videos of the winning act (Kate Miller-Heidke singing “Zero Gravity”) and my other favourite act (Sheppard singing “On My Way”). I hope regional restrictions don’t stop you from watching the clips.

Kate’s song is different and her act is very Eurovision, so I hope the audience love it.

What do you think of the songs? And do you think Kate stands a chance?

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  1. I am so lost in this whole thing. I need to do a deep Google dive into ‘Eurovision’.

    • You should, Jacqui. To quote wikipedia: Based on the Sanremo Music Festival held in Italy since 1951, Eurovision has been broadcast every year since its inauguration in 1956, making it the longest-running annual international television contest and one of the world’s longest-running television programmes.

      There’s a reason it has been going for so long, but it does have a certain vibe to it which might not be for everyone. But give it a chance.

  2. My Internet is a bit slow at the moment, so I’ll check later. Anywat, my nephew Mark, who is a singer and composer(day job travel agent), tells me that his friend Pip aka Urthboy co-wrote the winning song, so I guess this year we will be watching Eurovision and cheering on our rep as she sings it!

    • That makes it more exciting to have some sort of connection to the Aussie entry. I’ll be cheering too.

  3. My HUMBLE two cents worth 1.Electric Fields (sensational, dynamic, joyous, inclusive) 2. Shepherd (catchy love anthem that sounds like … in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight …. oooooooooooH wimaway a wimaway a wimaway a wimaway) 3. Kate Miller Heidke (excellent outfit – she must have been lowered into that Barbie cake in a cherrypicker – and excellent metaphor for depression in Dementor lady being hurled about on big bendy stick – but song yeah nah so-so).

    Keep up the good cultural commentator work!

    • Thanks, Shayne. “yeah nah so-so” is what I thought of Electric Fields. Didn’t grab me. I was working while Australia Decides was on and it didn’t distract me from what I was doing like Sheppard did. But I still think Kate’s song was the most Eurovision of them so will be interesting to see what Europe thinks of it.

  4. Good luck to the contestants. Funny what garners interest. Glad Australia is permitted to compete.

  5. It is funny, isn’t it. I sometimes wonder why some things stick with audiences and why others don’t? In writing contests in Australia they have a score for the x-factor – that thing you can’t put your finger on but you see it’s potential shine through an entry. I think it must be that. Some shows have some tangible x-factor that resonates with the audience. Eurovision must have it in spades!

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