Flood and Mice

In September 2019 Australia started to burn.

Nearly 5 months later the fires were down to a smoulder and covid reared its head.

A year to the day that Australia went into covid lockdown, we’re flooding.

To top it off, much of the farming community are experiencing a mouse plague.

It’s been 18 months of one seismic disaster after another. There can’t be many left, surely?

12 comments on “Flood and Mice

  1. Giggling Fattie

    March 22, 2021 at 10:17 pm

    How many have you experienced so far? Do you think its another “Moses in Egypt” type thing? 9 and you’re done?

    Stay safe my lovely friend! I hope you aren’t affected by the floods or the mice!

  2. I saw the floods on the news – near Sydney and the Blue Mountains I think. I hope you are safe and protected. It has been a very hard year for Australia and much of the world I’m afraid.

    • We were lucky, Maggie, as we had a reasonable amount of rain but only low level flooding where I live.

  3. Weren’t there seven? I have to check my Bible history. Hoo boy you are being tested!

    • I think everything seems so much harder because of covid. Life will be better when that isn’t ruling our lives.

  4. I’m afraid the burn/flood cycle is going to become more common. We had a huge burn last summer, and people around here are very concerned about flooding when the snowpack melts. Thank goodness no mice plague, though!

    It has been such a rough 12 months on so many levels. Hang in there!

    • I hope you don’t get the mice plague! Wouldn’t there usually be some flooding when the snow melts, or has there been excessive snow?

  5. It’s like everything has to hit at once. It would be really, really nice to have a breather where everything is nice and calm for a while.

  6. Don’t ask such questions. The gods can always find a new way to plague us or laugh at us.

    • Haha, so true! Hopefully they’re too busy tossing covid outbreaks our way to be paying much attention to anything else.

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