Goldfish are smart

I have to tell you about my youngest Barbarian’s fish. He has two… Splish and Splash. They live in their tank in the office (what was my office is now “our” office as both the kids have their desks in here as well). But Splish (gold coloured, Splash is black) is the dominant fish. He eats the most and pushes Splash out of the way to get food.

But he’s discovered a new trick. He’s found if he goes to the corner of the tank and sucks against it he can make a great big popping noise. He’s also discovered if he sits there and pops continuously for long enough (which isn’t really that long) it drives me bonkers. And if he persists I’ll feed him just to make him quiet.  Now, I know it’s training him to demand food, but I can’t concentrate, it’s like a dripping tap.

I don’t think fish are as stupid as we’ve been led to believe!

10 comments on “Goldfish are smart

  1. Sounds to me like you’re the one who’s getting the training! From a GOLDFISH! 😂😂😂

    • I was trying not to point out the obvious, Sue *grin*

      The silver lining from this, I’m planning on having him in one of my future books (the next series to the one I am writing at the moment as it will have a lot of animals in it). I can just imagine him driving one of my characters nuts as well =)

  2. That is hilarious. Who knew.

    • If I’d known I wouldn’t have let him keep his fish tank between our desks in the office. They would have been living in his bedroom!

  3. I love when even a goldfish has a personality and the will to demonstrate it.

  4. Video. You need to put this on video. Although, that might be encouraging him more…

  5. Like Jacqui my first fish-thought, who is training who. Love this.

    My neighbor, who lives alone, has decided she needs chickens. Talk about dripping faucets, those five cluckers cluck constantly. They roam our yard, the road, and pretty much anywhere else their little chicken feet take them. My mini-dachshund thinks (loudly) they are evil invaders. On the bright side, eggs.

    Drip, drip, drip, here they come. Hope the dog stays asleep.

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