Help fight cancer while you sleep

If you had a way of helping fight cancer while you slept would you do it? I learnt about this today and tonight will be my first night helping. From the website (

DreamLab is a multi-award winning* app that uses the processing power of your idle phone to help solve cancer while you sleep.

With so many Australians affected by cancer, finding answers through medical research is incredibly important. The Garvan Institute of Medical Research needs more computing power to speed up cancer research. Donate the power of your smartphone to help by simply downloading the app and charging your smartphone while you sleep.

Already, users are helping crunch data in half the time as Garvan’s supercomputer – forging a path towards personalised treatments for cancer.

You can choose how much data you offer (the default is 250MB a month – about 4 hours of music streaming a month), and you get to see the project you are assisting with.

I love the idea!