Everyone is home so we can self-isolate. What I didn’t realise is that really means isol-ate! Packed lunch boxes and limited break times certainly curtail how much the Barbarians can consume on a school day. With no-where to go and without their usual things to do, the Barbarians are grazing all day (they are growing Barbarians after all).

Muesli slice

Lucky for the Barbarians I have always baked. Unlucky for me I have always baked, lol. I’ve resorted to making huge batches of things, so I don’t have to cook quite as often.

When lockdown finishes it will be nice to not spend so much time baking, although I am worried when that happens I will be rolling out of the house, lol.

Have you been baking more? Or suffering from isol-ate?

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  1. I can see your point- and I guess that when nibbles are available in large amounts, Barbarians are just going to eat!

    I enjoy baking, but not doing as much as I’d like. I’ve made one loaf of bread and some biscuits in the last few weeks.

    Baking does seem to be a big activity right now, judging by the supermarket shelves. I hear that cake mix is going quickly because people are baking with their kids. Flour is bs k to normal where I shop, but today all the packs of yeast sachets were missing. Yep, people are making bread. I found an unexpected tin of yeast, so bought that. I might make pizza for Mum and me while I’m here with her.

    • Yeah, it’s been hard to find some ingredients to bake with. But if you are a long-term baker you know how to work around (eg, can’t get baking powder, but can get cream of tartar and bicarb so just made my own baking powder).

  2. Giggling Fattie

    April 30, 2020 at 9:49 pm

    I don’t have the space or supplies to bake 😂 thank goodness! I did manage to get a bag of “cake and pastry” flour but I’m not sure that is gonna help me very much. I usually get a baby bag of flour (0.5kg) but I don’t pay attention to the size of things when I started to do online groceries and my cake and pastry flour is 2.5kg! It’s huge!!! Lol

    Now that I’ve gone shopping once already (Monday) I think I will take myself grocery shopping this weekend to get things I want. I miss my regular store lol. Maybe I’ll pick up something to make a pie filling and use some flour to make a pie? Ugh if only I had a rolling pin lol

    • I’m not sure what cake and pastry flour is? We only have flour (self-raising and plain) and bread flour in Oz. Although you can use regular flour to make bread if you need to.

  3. It’s just husby and I so I don’t bake. I’d eat it all! but we do love our oatmeal raisin cookies (which the grocery store stopped baking). I used to do it a lot and can feel the joy it brings you, despite the feeling it might be too much!

    • If it was just The Hub and I the pantry would be a lot barer than it is now!

  4. Make the barbarians bake! They really should know how to feed themselves, and they might surprise you with their creativity once they learn all the stuff they can make for themselves.

    • Yup, agree they need to feed themselves. But they actually can bake. Heckle can, although he doesn’t enjoy it so won’t unless forced. Jeckle loves to bake and will often voluntarily bake. Trouble is at the moment due to medical reasons for one of the family, we have to eat wheat, egg, dairy and soy free … makes baking very difficult. You need to be experienced like me to have any hope of being able to substitute in. And a lot of mine is trial and error at the moment.

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