Lenovo keyboard designers obviously can’t type!

A month or so ago I bought a new laptop. My old one lasted just shy of 8 years (now handed down to Jeckle for homework). It never occurred to me that something I should check when I bought my new laptop was the position of the SHIFT key.

I can touch type. I type away not thinking about where keys are or the placement of my fingers. So moving any key would have a big impact on my typing. Moving the SHIFT key to the right, and replacing it with the PgUp/up arrow key has a ginormous impact.

New Lenovo laptop – SHIFT moved for up arrow
Old Dell laptop with SHIFT in correct place

I’m happily typing away on my laptop when I suddenly realise I have typed over text I had previously written – and in multiple locations. I can’t even make head nor tail of what was there. Argh!

Who on earth thinks it is a good idea to move a key as often used as the SHIFT key?A key that has been in the same position for over 100 years!


SHIFT always 4 to right of M

If you are going to move a key pick poor old ‘Z’ or the ‘\’. Not that they aren’t good keys, but let’s face it, they are rarely used. Especially compared to the SHIFT key.

I’m lucky I have a bluetooth keyboard, so when I am at my desk I can type with peace of mind. But I don’t want to have to cart my keyboard every where I go. After all, isn’t that the point of a laptop, the portability?

SHIFT key on bluetooth keyboard

Obviously the designers at Lenovo can’t touch type. Perhaps hiring someone who can would be a clever idea!



2 comments on “Lenovo keyboard designers obviously can’t type!

  1. I used a Compaq keyboard once that divided the space bar into the space bar and the CTRL key. Go figure that out.

    I’ve seen laptops where the keys are tiny. I could hit six keys with one of my fingers.

  2. Ugh, that’s just as bad – why mess with important keys?

    I have a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet that is teeny tiny. But I still find it easier to type on it than on a keyboard with the SHIFT key in the wrong spot!

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