Les Mis Flash Mob

If you follow my blog you’ll know I love a good flashmob. What you may not know is I also totally love musicals. Put the two together and you’ve got me =)

This is a flash mob at a wedding singing “One Day More” from Les Miserable. From the information on YouTube…

At Hannah and David’s wedding at the the Peabody in Memphis, TN., Julie & Marty Belz surprised Hannah with a flash mob singing One Day More from her favorite musical Les Miserables. Opera Memphis stunned everyone in attendance with this incredible performance and as you can see the bride was left speechless.

6 comments on “Les Mis Flash Mob

  1. That is beyond cool. What a wedding gift.

  2. Well, that totally had me crying happy tears! Not your average wedding singers 🙂

  3. Flash mobs are fun.

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