Meeting friends…

At the RWA conference last month I had the chance to meet with one of my blogger friends face-to-face for the first time.

I “met” Sue last year during the A to Z Challenge and we’ve continued to chat online since. This year the RWA conference was held in Sue’s hometown of Melbourne, and she was gracious enough to travel to the conference hotel so we could meet.

You can never be sure how face-to-face meetings are going to go when you’ve never talked in-person before, but I had a totally delightful time chatting to Sue. I think we talked for a solid 2 and a bit hours. The time flew, and we covered a wide range of topics – most centred around our mutual love of books and writing of course. I look forward to the next time we can catch up for a chat.

Apologies to Sue for the blurry photo. Obviously I’m terrible at taking selfies!

If you’ve never visited Sue’s blog you should pop over. A retired librarian she’s also a published author herself and is very involved in the writing community, particularly sci fi. To quote her own blog, “This is a book review and science fiction blog, for the most part, with the odd convention report and travel notes. And maybe the occasional Celtic goddess, such as the Great Raven…

You can find Sue at:

Have you ever met a cyber friend in real life?

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  1. Thanks, Anita, it was great meeting you too! And yes, I’ve met other cyber friends – in fact, the very same week you and I met, I dropped into an Airbnb in South Melbourne to meet the delightful David Jesson and his wife, who were here from England for a conference. David is another A to Z buddy, and we’ve been in touch on Twitter since the A to Z. Nice, huh?

  2. Aww look at how cute you are!

    I haven’t met any blogging friends in person, yet. I did have plans to meet one then they had car problems so we had to postpone but it never happened. that’s the one I eventually fell in love with lol

    But I guess the guy is a “cyber friend” first? We met on a dating site and I wasn’t interested and told him there was someone else I was talking to but he suggested we stay in touch so we did and eventually met a few months later when I still wasn’t really feeling it at all haha and now here we are three months later lol

  3. Yes! Have met quite a few bloggers in real life, and it has always been a delight.


  4. Cool that you two could meet. No, I’ve never met any online peeps IRL. Maybe someday.

  5. How fun to see you together! It looks like you had a great time. I haven’t met any blog friends in person that I can think of.

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