Motivational Monday

Forget all the rules.
Forget about being published.
Write for yourself and celebrate writing. 
~ Melinda Haynes ~


6 comments on “Motivational Monday

  1. Good advice. The best writers are the ones that are having fun with it.

  2. I don’t feel that rules hold me back.
    My everyday life tends to get hectic, which leaves my mind drained and uninspired.
    My writing time is probably yet to come – once I’m an empty nester. That’ll be in 15 years or so. Don’t quote me.

    • Empty nester – words I sometimes dream about (although I am sure I will miss the Barbarians terribly when it happens).

      I hear you on the everyday hectic life, but I think I’ll disagree with you being uninspired. You think up the coolest things all the time (I’ve seen your ideas for Colin’s parties, for example).

  3. This is a cute bit of motivation. Give me a pencil and a notepad any day…even if it’s just for doodles.

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