Music: Christmas Carols

I love Christmas Carols. I’m not sure what it is about them, whether it is what they represent (family time, Christmas and summer holiday), the music itself or a combination of both, but I love them.

My family aren’t quite as enamoured, but luckily for them it is only 2 weeks of the year that I rock out the carols. Mind you, the band I play in also plays at a few community caroling events, so it is a fairly intense few weeks of carols, lol.

What sort of Christmas carol fan are you: Do you rock them? Tolerate them? Total grinch?

Here’s one of my favourites 🙂

11 comments on “Music: Christmas Carols

  1. I LOVE them! Mostly the oldies with Bing and Burl Ives but newish one’s too. I could listen to “all I want for Christmas” literally all day long and never tire of Mariah Carey’s voice lol I’ve had a playlist on my phone since the middle of November 😂

    • I don’t have them playing that early – but we also have a Barbarian with a birthday quite close to Christmas so we have a rule that there is no “Christmas” until after the birthday so it doesn’t take away from his special day.

      • Aww that’s a good rule! It’s hard to keep birthdays close to Christmas special. My brother has one in early January and even as an adult he feels left out!

  2. I’m a total Scrooge. But I come by it honestly. For 11 years I worked at the evil toy store (now defunct). Season (and it was capitalized) was long and busy and stressful. And the music tape (so long ago that it was a tape) that played in the background every single day. The same Christmas carols over and over and over again. (The tape was about 3 1/2 hours long, so on an 8-hour shift we heard it all twice.) For weeks? It burned me out permanently.

    And we won’t even discuss the jr. high school “Jingle Bell Rock” marathon…

    • Oh, that would probably have turned me off Christmas carols for life too, Liz. What a shame 🙁 It does sound like an evil store!

  3. I’m kind of between “Rock Them” and “Tolerate Them.” I like them, just not enough to want to listen to them all the time.

    • I think you are probably say the same as nearly everyone, John. My family are like that so we certainly don’t have the carols playing all the time.

  4. Love them. I used to sing in an a capella carol group every year and I miss it so much. Every year I now have a tradition that we have carols blasting while putting up the Christmas decorations and when I’m cooking the fruity cakes I give to family and friends, I play carols and sing all the descant parts. I don’t like it when they get sung too slow like a dirge though.

    • I would have loved to have heard your group (knowing your voice I’m sure it was amazing). My fave carol CD is a rocking, upbeat version of the carols.

  5. Tolerate them. I do like some of the older, mediaeval ones, and I used to do a Renaissance dance, the Bransle Officiale, to “Ding Dong, Merrily On High” – that is the actual tune that goes with it.

  6. I love hearing the origin of music. I wonder whether Ding Dong Merrily on High was a carol before it was a dance?

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