My favourite movies

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What are your favourite movies right now?
I don’t have time to watch a lot of movies (there are so many I want to see, though!). But there are movies I love and watch over and over. Here are some of those movies:

What are your favourite movies?

6 comments on “My favourite movies

  1. Great list. I see a lot of musicals. I like those as well.

    • I own nearly all of these movies on DVD. I don’t want to not be able to watch them at my leisure!

      And I just realised I left out one of my favourites…Independence Day (I’ll add it in).

  2. A nice list! I have seen about half of them. Labyrinth, Fantastic Beasts and Ever After are favourites. I get sucked into Sound Of Music and Calamity Jane whenever they are on TV. Ever After is good fun – a feminist Cinderella, for goodness’ sake! Quoting Thomas More, rescuing herself, thumping the Prince when he tries to steal her family’s horse… And Leonardo Da Vinci as the fairy godmother! 😂

  3. These are both kind of old, but I will never tire of Jaws (no sharks to fear in Colorado!) and an Albert Brooks movie called Lost in America.

    • Never a huge fan of jaws (no fear of sharks or swimming in the ocean, just not my cuppa tea), but I haven’t heard of “Lost in America” – will have to check and see if it is available to stream.

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