My satellite dish bird bath

A few years ago a tree outside my office window (a Liquid Ambar, I think it’s known as Sweet Gum in the US, although it originates from Turkey) died and blew over in a (very) strong wind. Actually it didn’t blow over, more snap in half.

We left the stump to dry out and over time I noticed that Albert (the red wattle bird that lives in the area) used it to perch on. I decided I wanted to repurpose the stump into a bird bath and bee hotel.

I bought a bee hotel from Aldi (renamed AJ’s Bee ‘n’ Bee) and went to the seconds shop at the rubbish tip. I bought an old satellite dish, stopped at the hardware store to grab a few supplies and then began constructing.

I’m totally thrilled with the result, and even more so because after only 10 days, Albert began using it (bottom photo). Now I just have to wait for the native bees to move in (FYI, most native Australian bees are solitary and stingless).

Do you have a bird bath? What birds do you get?

10 comments on “My satellite dish bird bath

  1. AJ, I love this! Functional and beautiful. Bee and Bee made me smile – what a great name for a “bee hotel” (something I’ve never heard of but think is wonderful).


    • Thanks, Deb. Bee Hotels are becoming quite the thing. I’m not sure about what native bees you have in your neck of the woods, but the hotel I have suits our natives. They are really pretty bees, actually, and because they don’t sting are perfect as pollinators in the garden. You just need to have plants that flower and water supply. I’m planning on posting about my garden soon 🙂

  2. Giggling Fattie

    March 22, 2019 at 10:47 pm

    Ooooo this looks amazing! Well done!!

    • Thanks, GF. I’m so happy with it. I’ve since had a Little Friar bird, Australian Magpie and a Currawong come to visit as well. The Currawong sat in the water and had a good bath. I’m sure I miss many of the birds but hopefully I’ll start to see more and more.

  3. There is so much to like about this post. ‘Bee and bee’–love that.

  4. How lovely that Albert is making good use of it.

    • It’s great Albert loves the bird bath. While I’ve been typing this Albert and Mrs Albert have both been down for a drink. In fact, when I am in the garden in the afternoon he’ll often scold me because he wants to come down and use it.

  5. This is lovely, AJ! Well done. Unfortunately it’s not an option for me, living in a flat. The only birds I ever got on my balcony were pigeons, who messed up the place – and one died on my balcony while I was overseas!

    • Living in a flat does make it more challenging. Pigeons are a problem, although usually not for dying in inopportune places! Not a nice thing to come home to.

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