Why noses? Because yesterday I had surgery on mine. I’ve struggled for years to breathe through my nose and recently it started to become painful. Turns out I’ve had a severely deviated septum (the bit that divides your nostrils). It was bent and completely closing off one side of my nose.

They wanted to do the full rhinoplasty (deconstruct then reconstruct my nose using parts of my ribs). Ahh, no thanks. It was the only way they could guarantee 10/10 breathing. I went for the lesser of the two evils with the work only done on my septum (a 5/10 is still better than 0).

The aftermath isn’t pretty (don’t worry, I’m not sharing photos, but giphy below pretty much how I feel, lol). Glad I didn’t go the full rhinoplasty – but it does make me question why people have cosmetic surgery! Definitely not for me. I’m not perfect but I’ll accept my flaws for who I am.

Two weeks recovery and then hopefully I’ll be breathing normally. Looking forward to then!


5 comments on “Noses

  1. I’ll send healing thoughts your way. I’m glad that there was a solution to the problem.

  2. Get well soon, AJ! Hope the surgery is a success,


  3. Thanks, Liz and Deb.

  4. I hope you’re healing well and keeping all ducks away from your nose!

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