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Last week I talked about the Eurovision costumes and staging. This time I want to talk about the music. Eurovision is known for its quirkiness and this year disappointed. Maybe it’s a reflection of the covid year we’ve had, but I didn’t find the acts to be anything special – from staging to the music itself. Of course, there was the odd act that ticked the boxes, but overall I found it to be quite…depressing this year. The music was dreary and sad with little upbeat.

One thing I did enjoy was the number of songs song in their performers native language. This used to be more common but over the years more and more acts have sung in English. This year many of the songs had to be subtitled.

I watch the two semi-finals and score the acts, and then watch the final (there are 6 acts which are straight-to-final) where I might tweak my scores and add in scores for the last few acts. This year, I couldn’t bring myself to sit through the final (first time ever) so I watched the last acts on youtube and googled the result.

Italy were crowned the winner (you can watch below I hope – not sure if there are country restrictions). I scored them the lowest of all the acts. My favourite was Ireland (again shown below, maybe?).

Which would have preferred to see as the winner?


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  1. We just finished America’s The Voice. My habit is to tape the finals, see who won, and decide if I will waste my time watching. There are years I don’t. This year, I liked 3 of the five and one I liked won. Interesting feedback on Eurovision. I’m not terribly familiar with it. The videos didn’t work but I could probably Duck Duck it and find a copy.

  2. Sorry it was a disappointment. Maybe next year will make up for it?

    • I hope so, because it is really the only tv show where I make the time to watch it. Maybe next year will be amazing 😉

  3. It’s not always the one we want which wins the competition, alas! I was disappointed in some of the winners of last year’s Hugo Awards, especially the “related works” which went to a two paragraph angry rant posing as an acceptance speech, when there were some wonderful books and an amazing film bio of Ursula K LeGuin. And the short story prize went to a story I would have rejected if I found it in my slushpile, while there was a beautiful historical fantasy about dreadful things that happened in India during British rule.

    But everyone has different tastes, eh?

    Next year I hope Euro will be better!

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