Our plugged in life

It’s funny how reliant we’ve become on the internet. It’s always there at our fingertips…until it isn’t.Image result for slow internet

I’ve been travelling, taking the Barbarians to see their Grandparents, and assumed I would be able to keep working, posting, reading, commenting online as I normally do. Except I had unreliable internet. Recently my parents were switched to NBN (for non-Aussies this is a Federal Government project to deliver “fast” internet to every household in Australia but when it is introduced to your area you have no choice but to switch to it – except for those of us living in my city who are incredibly fortunate to have an alternative option). NBN is anything but what is promised. My parents are paying more for internet that is no faster but less reliable than what they had before *sigh*.

The internet dropped out more than it hung in and I abandoned attempts to stay up to date with my online life. The result is I am now crazily behind. I will be spending the next few days catching up.

It’s funny how at home I take the internet for granted. It is always there for anything I need. It’s not that I have to have the internet, we often plan holidays where we won’t have connectivity, but in those instances I plan for not being online, a different situation to the one I was in where I thought I’d be online and couldn’t.

How do you go when you can’t be plugged in?

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  1. Lately I’ve been enjoying the times that I’ve been unplugged. But if it’s a time when I expect to have internet and just suddenly I don’t – then it drives me insane haha!

    • It drove me insane, GF. Funny how planning to be unplugged is so different to being forced to be unplugged.

  2. Good reminder, AJ. I’m going to Southeast Asia next year and expect that sort of internet problems.

  3. Yikes. But, government project, so of course there will be hiccups. Annoying nonetheless.

  4. Why does it not surprise me that the only place where you can avoid the NBN is Canberra, where the politicians work? This government stuffed it up badly when they decided to go cheap on the original plan. And now they have made sure they can avoid it!

    • It’s actually an iinet internet system. No idea why they have it in Canberra. I don’t think the federal government had anything to do with it (although if they’d thought of it I’m sure they would have!).

  5. I struggle with not having connectivity available when it’s unplanned. Planning is one thing, but I know that each hour I’m not able to do what I expected is another hour that somehow has to fit in where it wasn’t supposed to. There’s so much catching up to do that I really have to reprioritize what is necessary and what will simply have to be skipped.

    • It’s the catching up that’s been a killer. I had over 500 emails, over 400 blog posts in my feeder to read plus my blog to catch up on. It’s taking me a number of days to catch up!

  6. Omg totally different!! Haha it’s the inconvenience of not having something that you are so used to

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