Photoshop for real?

Do you think the following is for real? It starts with a model and takes you backwards through the photoshop process…

Is it for real? The answer is no. But the things people can do with photoshop are amazing, and someone with skill can enhance an image to make it almost impossible to detect the manipulation. Take for example the controversy about the 2013 World Press Photo of the Year. Even leading experts in the field couldn’t agree on whether the photo was real or enhanced.

The other issue flagged in that controversy was where to draw the line in the sand between an enhanced photo and a fake photo?

There’s very little we’re exposed to in advertising these days that hasn’t been ‘enhanced’ in some way. Doesn’t a Maccas burger and fries look so much more appealing in their advertising than the real thing? That’s because it is! This article (one mcburger with lies) takes you behind the scenes of ‘burger styling’ – from careful placement of each element in the burger to the photoshopping for the final image. It makes me wonder at what point does it cross the line from ‘prettying up’ to fake advertising?

Have you ever wondered if an image was real or photoshopped?

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  1. I always wonder if images have been altered. I’m part of a website where I post my own images (viewbug) and I don’t alter them other than doing a quick “align colours” or something in the program my brother had me download. And sometimes not even that because it makes the colours look weird lol. Then I’ll crop if I want to and add my name but that’s it. But this website offers challenges and contests and the pictures I see winnin I am almost certain are altered SOOO MUCH. I’m not talking switching it to black and white, but like heavily altered! I don’t think thats fair at all!

    But I find the same with the new selfie-culture.

    I had a guy friend (who I was trying to impress) ask that I make a silly face like a gif I had sent (Darla from Little Rascals crushing a can) And I kept taking pic after pic and he’s like “what’s taking so long woman?!” And I was all “it’s not cute!” “Who cares! One and done!” And that’s kind of become my new motto for selfies now lol I don’t add filters or anything. Just snap and go! I’m surprised how much altering I was doing before and how totally freeing it is to follow “one and done!” It’s so great!

    • I used to try and add filters etc but always found I preferred the natural image anyway so I’ve stopped bothering. Love the saying “one and done”.

  2. I can do basics in Photoshop and I’ve taught my students how to erase wrinkles and add flowers to a garden. It’s so darn easy.

    Well, then you get to the pixel level you’re talking about. That is still easy but time-consuming.

    • The trend for social media influencers on Instagram to start posting the untouched version of their photos is a good one because it lets young people see reality – it is all too easy for people to “fix” things these days.

  3. And then the question is: was the food in the advertisement actually edible? With all the things they can do to make food look appealing, you’d think more of them wouldn’t make the food dangerous to eat.

    I figure all advertising is manipulated in some way.

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