Procrastination. Who has time?

Life seems to have imploded at the moment and I am so busy I am lucky to get to bed the same day I get up.

Image by Deedster from Pixabay

It will end (it has to right?!) but for the moment I am taking each day as it comes, writing out my list to get through and crossing each thing off as I go. I keep reminding myself if I keep pushing, eventually I have to get to the end of the list.

At the moment I don’t have time to procrastinate.

How’s life travelling for you?

8 comments on “Procrastination. Who has time?

  1. I felt like that last week! I had so much to do! But now that the move is done and I have settled as much as I can for the moment, life seems to be slowing down again. I am sure that once school starts in a week it will be different again! But for now, I am happy to have busy days and relaxing evenings lol

  2. You will get to the end of the list! And I’m impressed that you’re still blogging!

    Things have slowed down a lot for me in the past two weeks, which is nice after a busy summer. Unfortunately, that means I *do* have time to procrastinate!

    • Yay for things slowing for you, Jenny. Our summer is looming and it is always terribly busy because along with summer is Christmas. The time flies by.

  3. It’s good to keep busy, right? I guess. . .

  4. Procrastination is my worst trait! This is especially bad because I really need to get on with the de-cluttering. But with one hour a day for exercise and having to eat before I leave because nothing is open, I just throw it all aside and get out. And then I get home and waffle some more.

  5. I’m a black belt in procrastination, and I am sure I’ll demonstrate that again when I am not so stupidly busy. At least you aren’t procrastinating about the exercise!

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