Road Trip!

It’s school holidays and the Barbarians and I are on a road trip. I’ll be mostly unplugged while on the road, so no more posts this week for me and I’ll return to regular scheduling next week.

Adding a late PS… I think there’s been a Time Goblin lurking in my neck of the woods this year. It keeps stealing time away from me. Once again I am behind in reading and replying to blogs and comments. Thank goodness for scheduling or my blog would have cobwebs! When I return I hope to catch up, so I look forward to “chatting” next week. Hopefully the Time Goblins won’t make fun of this promise.


4 comments on “Road Trip!

  1. Have a fun road trip. I love those.

  2. I hope you have a great trip.

  3. Have a great time! With or without Time Goblins!

  4. Blast those Time Goblins! I have them, too. I hope you’re having an amazing, fun, memorable road trip!

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