When devices attack

My kindle’s alter ego

When kindle’s attack… at the moment I’m not getting much sleep, often going to bed quite late. To stop my brain from whirling so I can actually get some sleep I try and read a page or two of a book.

It usually works.

Because the rest of the household is asleep I often read on my Kindle Paperwhite, because I don’t need to have a light on to read. I guess my total exhaustion finally caught up!

Last night I started to read and the next thing I knew I woke with a fright when my Kindle landed splat! on my face, putting my tooth through my lip. With blood streaming I wished I hadn’t tried to consider everyone else and read one of my paperbacks – they don’t cause injury when you fall asleep reading them.

Has your device ever attacked you?

12 comments on “When devices attack

  1. Oh no!! That sounds horrible!! I’ve never fallen asleep and dropped a device on myself, but I have dropped devices on my face while using them in bed haha.

  2. Oh AJ! There’s a message here, you know that right? When your lip stops throbbing, you’ll figure it out.

  3. Multiple times has my iPad (with Kindle and Kobo app) fallen on my face while I am sleeping…er…reading. Thankfully it is a mini-version, so no blood drawn (as yet!).
    Now I place it on a stand beside me or on my stomach instead.
    What is even more irksome to me is when I drift off with my finger on the “page” and I wake up to find I have scrolled to 7 chapters later (or earlier, depending). ARGH.


    • I haven’t scrolled forwards or backwards (yet). I think I’d prefer that to injury though!

  4. If it weren’t so horrifying, it would be funny! I read with my Kindle app on my phone. Much lighter if it falls on me.

    • I tried using my phone and hated it (but I have a tiny phone). It’s still pretty funny, Jacqui 😉

  5. One of these days it will. I can’t tell you how many times I start to drift off and the device wobbles in my hand. Wakes me up with a start. I can imagine the injury. I’m sorry. I hope it heals well.

  6. Oh, this happens to me ALL the time! iPhone, book, iPad. Splat. though I haven’t caused a blood lip yet. Ouch!!!

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