Wordle Champion

Wordle is like Mastermind with letters instead of numbers or colours. You have to guess a 5 letter word in 6 or less attempts. You can only use real words (ie found in a dictionary) for each guess. Get a letter correct, but in the wrong position, and the letter turns yellow. Get the letter correct and in the right place, it turns green. Wrong letters stay grey. You get one word to guess every day. No ads and (at the moment, although who knows how much longer for since NYT bought the game) free.

The thing is, a lot of people post their Wordle results to twitter. Apparently that’s a thing, although I’ve never done that. You might have seen the coloured posts (like my result below which I solved in 3 attempts).

My Sunday Wordle result – 3 attempts!

Using the twitter feed of Wordle players along with their location, it’s been determined that the best city in the world at playing Wordle is… Canberra. Yep, where I live. Canberrans solve Wordle in an average of 3.58 guesses.

I guess it’s probably just as well I don’t post my results to twitter, because I would bring the average down! I have played 43 times and for the most part I guess the word correctly in 4 attempts (twice I didn’t guess it). My stats below.

Are you playing? How are you going?

7 comments on “Wordle Champion

  1. For the longest time, I thought Wordle was a word cloud I used in my classes. Now, I know.

  2. I still play, but I prefer and love the challenge of Quordle – where the attempt is to guess four words in the same game.

  3. Giggling Fattie

    March 8, 2022 at 4:25 am

    I tried this once and got annoyed and gave up haha so many people post their results to facebook and its like whhhhyyyyy haha I don’t care lol

  4. I have barely dabbled in the game, haven’t gotten the knack yet. I might try it once I get other things settled, IDK.

  5. I don’t like posting results to Twitter, so I don’t, but I did jump on the bandwagon a couple weeks ago. Three weeks? Four? It hasn’t been longer than that. Once I came up with a couple good starter words (no repeated letters, using 8 of the most used letters in English), my average went from 5 to 6 guesses to 3 to 4. (I got today’s in five.)

  6. I play but don’t post my results. My husband and I compare notes and occasionally ask each other for help if we get stuck 🙂

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