My Eurovision Favourites

Last week I confessed my love of Eurovision. Sadly Australia didn’t fare too well this year, and my personal favourites didn’t either. I thought I would share with you my my number one pick from Eurovision 2018…

Rassmussen, from Denmark, sang a song about a fair dinkum viking who was a pacifist. I hope you love it as much as I do.

My other two favourite acts were Finland:

and England, who had to contend with a stage invader (SuRie’s composure and professionalism shone through)…

Of course, I wanted Australia to win (naturally!):


Did you watch? Who was your favourite?

8 comments on “My Eurovision Favourites

  1. I wasn’t able to watch Eurovision AJ, and could only see the English singer in your post. The other 3 videos had notices on them that they couldn’t be viewed in “my country”. Thanks for sharing them though. I agree, SuRie was a consummate professional. She got handed a new mike and just carried on singing her heart out! What a performance!

    • Oh, pooh. I hate the way there are restrictions on “country of origin” viewing. You’d think in this day and age they’d lift those restrictions! Sorry you couldn’t see them =(

  2. I saw where the contest ran this weekend, so I’ll head over to YouTube (where I spend most of my days, it seems) and check out what’s there. Given all the cable networks we have in the US, you’d think one of them would carry the contest (even though we wouldn’t have a dog in the fight), but apparently they don’t think anyone would be interested. Such is life…

    • How sad! I guess they are giving all their air time to the first American “Royal” instead. I hope you get to see them, John. This is the first year in many where I enjoyed nearly every performance – I think the bar was lifted this year. The real exception for me was Hungary, but that’s only because their heavy metal song isn’t to my taste. I’m definitely getting the 2018 Eurovision album, because I’m already wearing out youtube listening to the music again (it doesn’t come out until June).

  3. I only caught snippets – I’m never at home when this is on – but I imagine it will be on the SBS web site for a while. I did catch the bit of SuRie because of the controversy over the idiot who interrupted her. Apparently this wasn’t the first time he has pulled this stunt.

    • Urgh, a repeat offender. I wonder if he was the same one who ran onstage without his pants and an Aussie flag wrapped around him last year (he was Ukrainian I think).

      It was a good year for music so worth a watch if you get the chance, Sue (and yes, I think it will be on SBS for a while).

  4. I’ve never heard of this. It sounds amazing. The only talent show sort of show I watch is The Voice–which I love.

    • I think this is better than the Voice (although I’ve never watch more than an episode or two to the bit at the start when they turn the chairs – and only the Aussie version).

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