Pause in Programming

I’ll be back when life goes from this:

Image by Mo Farrelly from Pixabay

To this:

Created by me using AI

I hope life is treating you all well and can’t wait to finally have a chance to spend more than fleeting moments here.

14 comments on “Pause in Programming

  1. Sorry, Anita, hope life becomes a bit calmer for you. See you on the other side!

  2. Awww AJ! I hope it settles down quickly for you! xoxo

  3. See you when we see you!

  4. I don’t think life will ever get back to that second image. Just lessers of that first image. Take care. I hope things calm for you soon.

    • You’re probably right, Liz. I’ll settle for lesser of the first image. I just can’t believe how meh life has been over the last couple of years. I just think can’t get worse and it does (I have to stop thinking that!)

  5. That is kind of like waiting until you can afford kids, to have them. It doesn’t happen. You have to make space and or budget time, because the world always seems to spin faster every year.

    • Sadly it isn’t just a time thing. Not sure if they call it this in America, but here it’s known as the Sandwich generation. Caught in the thick of a sandwich, plus a few other things sprinkled over the top.

  6. I hope you can eat your way out of it. If that is how you do it.

    • Haha, if only it was that easy. The sandwich generation are people who are caring for both elderly parents and children at the same time… “sandwiched” between the generations as such.

  7. As a fellow member of the Sandwich generation, I send you my best. I hope you’re getting ever closer to your rainbow wonderland! Send a car for me when you get there haha!

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