A paperless future?

I really enjoy clever, funny advertisements (I’ve posted clever ads before here and here). This one cracked me up. It appears to be from about 5 years ago, but the topic is still relevant today.

What do you think of it?

10 comments on “A paperless future?

  1. That is amusing, indeed! Some things you just can’t do with a computer!

  2. Hah! I love it. Thanks for sharing, AJ!


  3. Giggling Fattie

    March 8, 2019 at 11:53 pm

    Hehe this played on Canadian television for a bit! I love it!

    • I wonder what other countries it aired in? Glad I wasn’t making you rewatch one you’d disliked!

  4. I’ve seen that before. It’s still funny.

    • John, I think that’s the sign of a good advert. One that you enjoy watching because it will achieve what it set out to do. Adverts that I don’t like have the opposite affect. I remember them and avoid using the product as much as possible (there is a store here that has radio advertising I hate – I’ve never set foot in the store, I go to their rival).

  5. Too funny. I’d’ve been sick of him, too.

    • Totally sick of him. I’m not sure I would have thought to be quite so clever as her though.

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