The Cell Song

At school last week Jeckle (my youngest Barbarian) started learning about cells. He’s really enjoying it and we’ve had some great discussions about cells, how they work, types of cells etc.

As part of our discussions I told him that at some point he’d learn about the parts of cells and how they work. We started googling because he was interested to see what the inside of a cell looked like. In doing so, we stumbled across this series of songs by Jam Campus. He’s covered topics such as DNA, skeletal system, planets of the solar system…and the list goes on.

Jeckle and I agreed that it would be much easier memorising parts of something as a song. I remember studying when I was at uni and I used to play the same track of music over and over when I studied a particular topic, becuase I found when I was in the exam I could hum/sing the song (in my head) and it jogged my memory for the information I needed.

Actually having a song would have been much easier. Here’s the Cell Song we watched (below). What do you think? Would it have made your learning easier? Or did you have another sure fire trick when you were studying?

6 comments on “The Cell Song

  1. Not sure this particular one would have helped me, too much going on in those long words, but if it helps your son, that’s great!

    The closest I’ve come to a song to help memorise something was back at Uni, when a few of us memorised a list of Hittite Kings for our ancient history exam: to the tune of “Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious” we sang, “Muwatalis, Arnuwandash, Supilluliumash”. It worked too! 😁

    • Yay that it worked for you. Jeckle doesn’t have to memorise the parts (yet anyway), but he thought the song was a cool way of memorising.

  2. I’ve heard music can help people. However, I find that music distracts my focus. They say that singing things helps, and I’m sure it does for many people.

    • I find music helps me but I prefer just instrumental.If there are words I get distracted by the words (a fave is the Lord of the Dance soundtrack).

  3. Wow, that was way more mellow than I thought it would be! And a lot of information in less than 3 minutes!

    • There is a lot of information isn’t there. When you think about all you have to remember for an exam, it would be helpful.

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