A to Z Challenge: Z (serial killers)

Christopher Mhlengwa Zikode — Donnybrook Serial Killer

Fast Facts:

  • Born in 1974 in South Africa
  • He shot 18 men and woman in their twenties over 2 years and raped and/or committed necrophilia – it’s believed the catalyst for his murders were pages of naked pin-ups form magazines his mother found and brought home
  • He was discovered when one of his almost-victims recognised him
  • Charged with multiple murders, attempted murders, rapes and indecent assault
  • Found guilty and sentenced to a prison term of 140 years

Zikode was the middle child of 7 to poor parents. His mother collected firewood for a living and his father was paralysed. The family had to move a lot because of faction fighting.

His mother found some magazines left behind by soldiers in the forest. She brought them home. Zikode stuck the pictures of naked and semi-naked women posing on a chair on his wall. It’s thought this was the catalyst for his killings as surviving victims later told police Zikode had raped them on a chair.

All Zikode’s victims were in their 20s. He followed the same modus operandi in nearly all his kills. He chose a house, broke in and shot any men before taking the women to nearby plantations where he’d rape them for hours, then kill them. If they resisted he’d kill first and then commit necrophilia. He murdered 18 people but attempted to murder a further 11 over a 2 year period.

He was eventually convicted on 21 charges (8 murders, 5 rapes, 5 attempted murders, 1 indecent assault). He was sentenced to 140 years in prison which included 5 life sentences.

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  1. Congrats on making it to Z! What an accomplishment, AJ.

  2. Congratulations on completing the challenge! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts, even the more sinister ones like today.

    Zero to Hero from Hercules (and Zombie by The Cranberries)

    • Thanks, Lauren. I worried my strange fascination with serial killers might not be as fascinating for others.

  3. Looks like you saved the worst for last, AJ. Worst guy, not worst post. There were no worst posts. I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one of them. Congratulations on completing the series, AJ. You did a first-class job of researching these serial killers and then presenting each of them objectively, succinctly, with minimal gore.

  4. Another scary one. Yikes!

    Congrats for completing the challenge!


  5. Kudos for finding a Z! Sounds like a very mixed up individual.
    Bravo on making it all the way through the AtoZ.
    https://tashasthinkings.blogspot.com/ – Tasha’s Thinkings – Movie Monsters

  6. Congratulations on completing the Challenge. This was a great theme! Grisly, maybe, but still great! 😉

    • Thanks, John. It’s been fun doing the challenge and also visiting the other participant’s blogs. Some great themes this year all round =)

  7. Karen Hume said exactly what I was thinking: it seems you saved the worst for last. Some of these people look so unhinged in their photos, I would probably be creeped out if I saw them in person, even without knowing the history.

    You did a great A to Z. Terrific, awful theme, and done really well.

    • Thanks, Linda. It’s a relief to know I managed to skim the line between making it interesting but not making it ick.

      Some of these people look scary. But for so many they managed to maintain a “normal” persona to the outside world. I wonder if they had anything about them that seemed a little off?

      • My apologies, Lynda, as soon as I hit “post comment” I realised I’d spelt your name incorrectly.

  8. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. Your theme never failed to fascinate me, though some of them, like Z, were pretty hard to read! I hope you have lighter subject matter to occupy your mind for the next week or so 🙂

    • I kinda expected people to read with a bit of a shudder. I think I would be worried if anyone read these posts otherwise. I’m definitely looking to post on much lighter topics for a little while now 🙂

  9. So sad what great lengths killers will go to satisfy their needs. I feel prison isn’t nearly enough punishment.
    Also I realize this is a pretty current case. heck the guy is younger than I am!!

    Congratulations on completing A-Z! I think you I visited every single one of your posts. Who knew despicable criminals were such a magnet? Also who knew there are enough out there to cover the entire alphabet, including the hard letter?

    • Thank you for sticking with my rather grim topic, Tamara. I wasn’t sure when I picked it if I could get through the alphabet, sadly I think there was actually choice with every letter (even the tricky ones).

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