No time for illness on A-Z

I thought I was ready for the A-Z challenge – blogs written and scheduled ahead of time. I knew there would be a few days where I wouldn’t be able to check comments, but they were only occasional and I could make it up the next day. Really, the month was pretty good time wise. Murphy had other ideas. Turns out there’s no time to be sick when you are posting daily. I’ve tried to sit at the computer and read other blog posts, write comments, respond to comments…but nope.

Apologies for my tardiness.

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10 comments on “No time for illness on A-Z

  1. Sorry to hear you’re unwell! When I’m sick, I just read and sleep. See you on the other end!

  2. I hope you feel better!

  3. I had the flu in January. I was dead to the world for 10 days.

    Feel better soon!


  4. Thanks, Sue, Jacqui and Dena. A couple more days and I’ll be back to my old self =)

  5. At least it’s a rest from these scary creepsters.

    But seriously, what are you doing slacking off?


  6. I certainly noticed your absence, AJ, both from replying to comments on your own blog and to leaving comments on ours. You were great at both.

    But I had jumped to a different conclusion, a much better one. I had assumed that you had a vacation planned, didn’t want to announce it because it’s never a good idea to announce online that you’re not going to be home, and then weren’t able to stay up on comments because you were too busy having fun. Hmm, looks like I should be writing fiction.

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling so lousy. Get better soon. We miss you!

  7. Hi, A.J. – Congratulations on making it through the Challenge, despite unplanned setbacks. I hope that you are now feeling better. I look forward to continuing to read more of your writing!

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