Agent Rejection

Used with permission from Debbie Ridpath Ohi at

Every writer experiences rejection. Even so, dealing with rejection can be tough. But rejection is all a matter of perspective. An agent isn’t rejecting you, so never take it personally. I remember being on recruit course for the army reserves many moons ago. A fellow recruit was very upset she’d been yelled at by our troop corporal. I pointed out the corporal wasn’t yelling at her as a person – he was yelling at the uniform. Changing perspective helped her get through those weeks of training.

A rejection means you haven’t landed the right manuscript on the right agent’s desk at the right time. The wonderful thing about having a finished, polished manuscript is you can keep querying that baby until you have another ready to send.  You won’t run out of agents! And any feedback you get along the way is a bonus.

If you can keep querying after a rejection or 100 you will succeed. It’s those who give up who don’t. After all, the most painful thing to experience is not defeat but regret.

So wallow for a few minutes. Sob your way through a box of tissues, eat a truckload of chocolate or pin the agent’s name to a dartboard. Once it’s out of your system find the next 5 agents on your list and try again. Never give up! Never surrender!