I want a Universe Remote Control

It’s school holidays here at the moment. I love having the Barbarians around, but it does mean the house gets messier faster and it’s harder to get work done (constant interruptions, taxiing the Barbarians places and doing fun things with them myself). I find myself wishing for more time!

I’ve decided a want a Universal Remote Control.

Well, actually, I want a Universe Remote Control. You know, one with a great big pause button. The very action of pressing the pause button on the Universe Remote Control would bring to an immediate stop everything around me, but let me just get on with things.

Life would be a breeze then – I could get everything done and the feeling of chasing my tail would disappear. Plus, imagine all those nasty things you could fast forward through, or wonderful things you could rewind to live again?

Do you ever wish for a Universe Remote Control?


2 comments on “I want a Universe Remote Control

  1. All the time. with a Rewind button.

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