Australia Day 2022

On Australia Day, we celebrate all the things we love about Australia: our land, sense of a fair go, lifestyle, democracy, the freedoms we enjoy, and particularly our people. I’m proud to be Aussie.

Map of Australia with various icons depicting aspects of Australian life
From: Shoalhaven

6 comments on “Australia Day 2022

  1. Happy Australia Day, my Aussie friend!
    A Facebook friend posted a picture of the Lamingtons they baked. The entire dining room table was full of plates!

  2. I wish you a Happy Australia Day from snowy Colorado, US of A 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenny. Our Aussie Day was wet and cool, but summer wet and cool (and we’re on holidays in sub- tropical Queensland at the moment, so quite balmy, really).

  3. Happy Australia Day.

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