Border down

The last 4 days The Hub, Barbarians, Ludo and I have been visiting my parents in Queensland. Yep, we could finally head north after 2 years of closed borders!

It was a fairly last minute decision, and none of us actually thought we’d make it until we were in the car and driving. It’s been short and sweet (4 days driving for 4 days visiting – but totally worth it). None of us wanted to leave, but we had to pack our bags today to make the 2 day drive home as the school year starts Monday.

The weather has been average, but we’ve still been able to swim. We’ve watched movies, read books and generally had some much needed down time. Yesterday I spent most of the day reading from the comfort of a recliner with the view below. Can’t complain about that!

Above all, it’s been wonderful to be able to spend time with my parents.

Have you been able to visit family in these covid times?

My reading view (Ludo ready to play on the beach)

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  1. Yes, thankfully. Our borders aren’t as shut as yours, but everyone is careful. I wouldn’t mind catching Omicron because it seems to provide protection from other COVID variations. If I can believe what I read!

    • My fear of getting Omicron isn’t the now, it’s the later, as long covid seems particularly horrible. There is enough of it around that Canberra hvae set up a specific long covid clinic. And yes, I think it does seem to provide protection for other variants, but like Delta, I think it is only past variants, not those to come 🙁

  2. It’s nice to get away. Glad you could see your family.

  3. I am glad your border is finally open and you to go visit, both relatives and the beach.

    I live in Florida, the place our last Prez came to, I’d hoped, retire. We also have a governor of the same ilk and ambition. That means that we are a free state, his words. Regretfully free means free to die. Our state has had a bigger dose of COVID than quite a few countries.

    We scaled back on our celebration, but have had two such meeting at out house and two at my sister’s.

    • I’m glad you are still able to see family, BF. Australia only has one state left with borders closed, but I suspect they will open soon (which is good because I have plans to go there in August, so kinda counting on it!).

  4. Giggling Fattie

    January 30, 2022 at 3:12 am

    Sometimes have been able to visit. But also sometimes had to either make the choice not to go because of my exposure risk or because I was a close contact and had to isolate haha

    • Crazy times! It’s funny how isolating has become such an approved activity – a few years ago people would have been worried about locking yourself up in your home, lol.

  5. I’m so happy you were able to take the trip! I haven’t done much visiting at all. I hope that changes in 2022!

  6. My family is small, and mostly in Melbourne. Only one lives in Sydney, and she came to visit a couple of weeks ago. As I spend half my week looking after my mother, Anyway, I haven’t had any issues seeing her. One of my nephews calls by FaceTime on impulse.

    • Nice you could get a visitor from Sydney! I imagine it’s been as much time unable to cross that border as it has been crossing the Qld one.

  7. Haha exactly! Honestly my life didn’t really change all that much with the lockdowns just because i liked staying in during my free time

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