Bulldogs watch

Dogs love to watch what is happening on the street, and a pair of Danish bulldogs are no exception. In their case it’s their owners who are the exception.

To allow the dogs to watch the comings and goings outside their yard without being tempted to escape, the owners cut two holes in the fence, just big enough for the two pooches to stick their heads through.

That in itself is a lovely story, however the dog owners took it one step further…

From: Bored Panda

Now the people being watched by the dogs get as much enjoyment as the dogs get from watching them.

Would you do this for your dogs? Or have you seen anyone else do it?

6 comments on “Bulldogs watch

  1. That is lovely. I love my dogs enough to do that but admittedly, probably wouldn’t!

  2. That’s brilliant.

  3. It’s so cute! My dog barks at any and all passersby, so a hole in the fence isn’t a good idea for him!

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