Conference: my workshop + more

At the RWA (Australia) conference this year I presented a workshop on Biometric Technology. I explained my biometrics background here: Extreme Writing Research, but that expert knowledge put me in the perfect position to educate other writers on biometrics.

I am thrilled with how my workshop was received. I got plenty of positive feedback from attendees and by the end of the conference I had other people coming up telling me they wished they had seen my workshop. Couldn’t ask for more.

In my Conference Countdown post I talked about my emotions before conference. I thought I would recap on how it all went…

  • excitement (at seeing my friends) – Seeing my friends was as wonderful as I anticipated. It was so nice to catch up face-to-face with my dear friends.
  • nerves (at how my workshop will be received) – I shouldn’t have worried about this one. As I’ve just said it was really well received.
  • happiness (at some down time from the family) – I’m not sure happy is the right word. It was a lovely break to only have to think of me for a few days though.
  • sadness (at some down time from the family) – I did miss my family and spoke to them a number of times each day. It is easier to be away from them now the Barbarians are getting older though.
  • stress (at getting everything ready in time (home and work)) – It was a scramble to get everything done but I got most things crossed off my to do list.

And that’s conference for another year. Next year it’s being held in Fremantle, Western Australia (the other side of the country). I can’t wait.

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  1. So glad that went well for you. What a title! I probably would have attended just to see what-the-heck it was!

  2. I’m glad to hear things went well.

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