Doorway to magic

I love bookstores. Cosy and comforting, they are filled with hundreds of worlds to escape into. When a bookstore is designed to capture your imagination before you’ve even walked in the door I find it really hard to resist. Here are my two favourite local bookstores – you’ll see why…

The door into Beyond Q. This is a huge second hand store that also has a “speak easy” upstairs and a cafe being built alongside. They regularly have live bands performing upstairs. It’s also a dog friendly store!
Harry Hartog sells new books, as well as leather satchels, notebooks, pens etc. It has the most wonderful atmosphere. They also regularly host author talks and book launches.

Aren’t these wonderful entrances! Do you have a bookstore that beckons you to enter?

6 comments on “Doorway to magic

  1. Ooo they look lovely!!!

    I don’t have a fav bookstore here, there are a few second hand shops on a Main Street that I’ve been in and liked them. But when I was living in Korea, my favourite was “What the Book” a massive English store and you could order online and sell your books to them and everything. It was amazing!!’

  2. I miss the wonderful old bookstores. It’s just not the same.

    • I’m so glad we still have some stores near us. But it isn’t quite the same as it used to be, I agree.

  3. Oooh, nice. Most of our local bookstores have closed down, sadly. But the libraries are nice.

    • I worry the ones near us will close down. Our library is okay – but it isn’t brilliant unfortunately.

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