Covid and the crazies

There have always been conspiracy theorists, but I don’t think there was a time before covid when conspiracy theorists grabbed so many headlines, or were the subject of so many water cooler conversations. Covid has certainly brought out the worst of the conspiracy theories.

It must be so frustrating for those who have to deal with them, because logic doesn’t work. However (as the post below illustrates), if you use logic from a different angle, it seems you can get through…

I Was Not Expecting This To Happen
From: Bored Panda

And that’s how you out-conspiracy a conspiracy theorist.

What are the craziest conspiracy theories you’ve heard?

14 comments on “Covid and the crazies

  1. He he i think I will use this the next time I hear an anti-vaxxer

  2. And you live in a sane country. It would crash your server if I started in on what is happening in America. That is even before I got to my own state of Florida.

    • We have some areas of Australia (the hippy towns) which are very much anti-vax, but for the most part Aussies are good about vaccination. Our covid vax program starts Monday in Australia, so I guess we’ll see (although the phase 1 people are the front line workers, and it’s compulsory for them to have it if they want to keep their jobs).

  3. I just posted mine this morning, that the vaccine for Covid insets a trackable chip in us. 🤪

    • Lol. What I don’t understand with a lot of these conspiracy theories is why people think they are so important the government could be bothered tracking them. As if they’d have time to track everyone.

  4. I LOVE this! Well done to that doctor! I’ll have to remember it.

    I have a close friend who has always been a conspiracy theorist. I could laugh at it in normal times, but now it’s serious, and dangerous. Instead of reading the science literature she is watching bizarre YouTube videos and quoting right wing nut jobs as the authorities. I’m keeping a link to the Lancet article debunking hydro- whatsit for the next time she wonders why we haven’t been offered it as a vaccine and come up with conspiracy theories as to why.

    • And that’s exactly it, Sue. Now it’s dangerous thinking. I don’t understand ho these people believe people like a chef (and you know who I am talking about) rather than people who are qualified experts. Does my head in.

  5. Oh my, that’s genius.

    I try not to listen to the conspiracy theories. I saw a doc on the flat earthers, and I just… I’ve been cured of conspiracy theories after watching a show on the Kennedy assassination several years ago, and now every single one just makes me roll my eyes. The kiddos were all about the Illuminati a few years back, and I just shook my head at them.

    • Pretty clever, hey. Yeah, Illuminati made the rounds here a few years back as well. There was a hit movie out at the time with mentions of them and I think that’s how it started. I used to watch a few of the docos about conspiracies back in the day for fun, but now it has such serious consequences, it just makes me angry.

  6. I think it’s hard to top the so-called Pizzagate, which accuses many powerful people on the political left of running a child trafficking and cannibalism ring in the basement of a DC pizza restaurant. Absolute lunacy.

    Love the pediatrician’s reply 😉

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