When you read this I will have just touched down in Queensland for a writing retreat. This is the 4th time this has been scheduled and, thanks to covid, has had to be cancelled each time. Touch wood nothing happens to derail our plans today.

You might think we are home and hose knowing I fly in just a few hours from writing this, but in Australia, domestic flights have been known to land and the passengers find out things changed mid-flight and they either have to return immediately or go into 14 day quarantine!

So until I am out of the airport and climbing into my friend’s car, I will be holding my breath.

The plan is to retreat from Friday morning until Sunday morning on the coast of northern NSW (yes, another border crossing). The forecast is for very wet, but as we are wanting to write, that is actually ok.

While I am over the border I am also going to visit my parents because you just never know (they were supposed to visit in January but those plans were covid-derailed as well).

I will report back next week on how it went (and if I made it).

Have you had to cancel much because of covid?

14 comments on “Retreat!

  1. Yes. An entire year of volunteering at a primary school, and theatre visits. I miss both!

  2. PS Have a wonderful time, you lucky girl!

  3. Good luck, I hope it all works out and you have lots of good writing time!

    I think the entire United States has been canceled until further notice.

  4. Made it across the border! Lol about the US. Hopefully things will start to improve soon!

  5. Fingers crossed that all goes according to plan.

  6. Not too much has been cancelled – a comedy show last April and holiday celebrations but that’s it. I just don’t plan anything anymore LOL

    • Agree. Everything is kind of, if things work, maybe we could do this at some point. You just can’t assume anything any more.

  7. Enjoy your conference, and here’s hoping nothing goes awry this time.

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